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Matty Espino

Matthew “Matty” Espino is a 200-hour certified vinyasa teacher (via Three Sisters Yoga) and holds advanced certifications in Restorative yoga, Ayurveda, Hands-on assists, and Bhakti yoga (via Laughing Lotus). Originally from California, he moved to New York in 2013 to pursue his MA in TESOL at Columbia University. During a rather difficult time in his life, Matty was brought to his first yoga class. Initially skeptical about the practice, he began to discover the wonderfully therapeutic benefits of consistently coming back onto his mat and, from then on, has begun his journey towards healing. He is a firm believer that yoga has changed his life for the better. As a teacher, Matty offers carefully sequenced classes that are challenging and playful, while still supportive of all levels. With compassion and a gentle demeanor, he strives for each of his students to feel comfortable, confident, and to feel no judgment to move like them. Matty is incredibly excited and grateful to be teaching at East Harlem Yoga and gives thanks to all of his teachers who have shaped his yogic journey. Off the mat, Matty is a lover of language and culture and has been a passionate ESL teacher for over seven years.

Jane Zolkina


Jane Zolkina is a 200-hour certified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher (Abhinam Yoga, India), she holds a 150-hour Hatha Yoga and Meditation certification (Hridaya Yoga, Mexico) and over 100 hours in advanced Tantric studies (Agama Yoga, Thailand). She picked up her first yoga book 17 years ago, and was deeply involved in studying asanas, pranayamas, meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology since then. Educated by yoga gurus in India, she prioritizes correct alignment and injury-free yoga. Her practice is a combination of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar alignment principles, she also teaches Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, hatha yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. Jane is from Russia and has been living in New York for the past 8 years. 

Myda El-Maghrabi


Even after practicing yoga for over 10 years, Myda never thought she'd end up a teacher. She began to consider it as a path when she was studying acupuncture. Observing patients in her first year, she realized how disconnected people felt from their own bodies and disempowered in their own healing. After constantly recommending patients to yoga, she decided to leave acupuncture and devote herself to teaching. Myda received her first 200-hour training in 2009 at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Vinyasa. In 2010, wanting to incorporate more alignment-based practices into her teaching, she completed her second 200 hours in Anusara Yoga with Tara Glazier at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn. 

She has advanced her training in therapeutics with Martin Kirk and workshops with Anusara’s founder, John Friend, and continues to study with Elena Brower and Ally Bogard.  More recently she has completed a 100 hour training with the Nalanda Institute where she studied the art of teaching mindfulness and meditation and currently is studying Functional Anatomy and Structural Yoga Therapy at Yoga 216.

Forever a student, Myda is greatly indebted to the practice of yoga and all of its amazing teachers.  She is continually thankful for all she has been given and has learned and hopes that she can share it with those who will join her in the path of growth, laughter, life and love.

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