Hope for What's Next

We're hitting our plateau.  

We've been open now about two months with a weekly class and it seems that we're hitting a ceiling of some sort in terms of the number of students we're getting into our Sunday class.  and that's fine - except the ceiling we've hit is still below the number of students we need to be financially sustainable.  So in other words - we need a few more students in order to keep this project going for everyone in East Harlem. 

I hope that our yoga classes are as beneficial for everyone as yoga has been for me over the past years.  It's brought clarity, health, flexibility, mental agility, and bliss here and there to me over the course of classes in different cities around the country from numerous teachers. 

If you have some hope for us to continue this journey, thank you.  And if you have a friend who would also be interested in this journey - please bring them along next Sunday.  It will help us continue to build. 


Thomas Rush