Executing vs. Debating

Having the yoga studio underway is fantastic.  We're not a wild success yet.  Heck, we're not even a normal success yet, but having launched East Harlem Yoga is the embodiment of the philosophy I hope to live into throughout 2017 - one which operates by the principle of:

Follow your instinct and just take action.  

My hope is that this year has less to do with thinking it through, debating the pros and cons, and instead just making things happen for my health, wealth, and happiness.  When I feel I need to eat more healthy or increase my energy, I'm not going to sit down and research it for hours on the internet - I'll buy some fruit, make a smoothie, and get some exercise.

It's simple things too. Right now I'm wanting to frame a poster of mine (a very cool capture of a human's entire life which you can view here) and have been debating it for two weeks.  So today I woke up, am measuring things, and just spending the money to purchase a frame because it will overall improve the quality of my day to day life so much so that it will be worth it. 

What is one thing you've been thinking about doing for a while now, and could simply execute on today?