Why We Started

After moving to East Harlem in early 2016 from Bushwick, it became quite clear to me the lack of yoga studios was dire.  I lived within walking distance of probably 4 - 5 studios when in Brooklyn, (depending on how far you would walk) and was never lacking a time / space to practice. 

However, having moved to a much more densely populated area within Manhattan, I was shocked to learn that for over 20 blocks there wasn't a single yoga studio in existence.  

After doing research and learning that others had opened in the past but failed to sustain themselves, it was clear that there was an opportunity, but that it had to be done correctly this time so that we didn't fall victim to the same issues that those who came before us had run into. 

We decided instead to create yoga pop-ups to test the waters.  And so far, it's working. 

Stay tuned to learn more. 

Best - Thomas

Thomas Rush